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August Planting Guide

(This is a guide to give you some ideas and inspiration for your garden.)

It is cold and damp!! but you can still do some planting on those fine days.

Try planting: peas, transplanting kale plants, transplanting coriander plants, transplanting lettuce plants and try transplanting flowers that attract insects.  These vegetables will still grow slowly but you can pick off the leaves and add them to salads and soups.

In the compost: Remember to cover up your fruit scraps with either leaves or carpet to stop fruit flies and rodents.

Fertilising your garden: It is a good time of the year to gather seaweed to put around the edge of your garden. And to also to add manure to your plants while there is space around the plants.

Your Fruit Trees: Either prune branches that shoot up towards the sky or tie them down towards the ground to encourage more fruit.

Inside: Plant sprouts when it is too wet to venture outside. Or plant seeds in pots to transplant out later on. Buy potatoes to plant after the frosts have finished. Make labels for your plants so that everyone else knows what types of vegetables you have in the garden.

Happy Winter Gardening!

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