Our Vision

Our Vision

“Active learners, leaders, guardians of the world”

Ngā akonga manawanui, ngā rangatira

ā ngā kaitiaki o te ao.

Our Values

"Active learners, tomorrow's leaders, guardians of the world"

"Nga rangatira mo apopo, nga kaitiaki o te ao, me nga kaihoe o te waka ako"

Our learners will excel in:

  • pro-active lifelong learning
  • digital citizenship
  • respecting self and others
  • confidence and pride of their place in society
  •  resilience, through constructively,  creatively and cooperatively facing challenges.

Active Learning
Developing excellence academically, physically, socially and emotionally.

Self-Respect and Self-Efficacy
Taking responsibility for learning and behaviour.

Respecting Individuality and Diversity
Respecting people as individuals and celebrating the uniqueness of different cultures and beliefs.

Community Partnership
Helping each other to empower student learning

Guarding and protecting the environments
Kaitiaki of our world.